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    We have a number of problems with the DR X2 repeater
    First, problem is that the firmware only allows the repeater to send its callsign 3 times after being used. It then returns to stealth mode. That is not acceptable for the UK and there needs to be an option to force the repeater to transmit it’s ident every 10 to 15 minutes.
    Second, we really need an end of over/dropped carrier tone in FM mode. It must be simplicity in its self to include that facility. I know it is not usually implemented in the USA but over here operating conditions are different.
    Third, There needs to be an option to change the depth of modulation between C4FM and FM. The repeater works well in C4FM but the majority of FM signals unless very strong are severely under modulated by the time they are retransmitted. This is not a fault of the user as the received signal on the input is perfectly audible.
    One other thing that would really help in the UK would be to be able to select from a greater range of output power especially in the lower ranges. Many of us will be restricted to perhaps as little as 5 Watts with 10 Watts being a generous allocation. Being able to step in 5 Watt steps from 5 to say 25 Watts would make life much easier in order to meet the restrictions placed upon us.

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