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    Not sure if we can call it a lock up let me explain whats happening.
    Repeater is not transmitting,
    Tried the unlock code for the controller and then reset code of the controller Nothing.

    We get to the site open the front door to the cabinet and repeater looks like everything’s normal, Its receiving signals.
    I key the repeater up and the controller COS and CTCS Lights come on and on the repeater the transmit light is on and it switches from auto / auto to Fixed no transmit not receiving on another HT
    I check Digital it stays in auto/ auto and I see the TX Light comes on and no transmit not receiving on another HT.
    I pull the plug and plug it back in, repeater goes back to normal, both analog and digital.
    We are not the only ones experiencing this issue its been going on since the first Firmware upgrade.
    From what I was told Yaesu knows about the issue but has yet to provide a solution.
    If you watch this video this is exactly what happens except not handing on top of the repeater controller RC210 is in a rack and transmitting radios are miles away.

    This is what the owner of Arcom said about the problem
    “It is important to realize that the problem is
    NOT the ADR but within the DR1x itself. When the
    ADR was first designed, it worked 100% of the
    time with the DR1x firmware but Yaesu made
    changes in subsequent versions that no longer
    rendered the fix for their flaws, bulletproof.
    However, the ADR still drastically reduces the
    amount of issues with the DR1x and an external
    controller but it can’t overcome the
    still-existing issues in the DR1’s firmware.”

    At this point we can not recommend a Yaesu repeater to anyone very disappointed in Yaesu at the moment

    President King County Radio Club

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