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    Our DR-1X will be set up where our old repeater was located. It is an a controlled space but I find that the method to keep other “site clients” out of this machine is troubling. I would like to transmit a code to the machine when I leave and not have the LCD display function left active. Just too inviting to anyone nosy from poking around and changing something in our setup! If this was programmed like the ECS functions to remotely shut off the transmitter and turn it back on would be great. I am not sure how tough this might be but it would be great enhancement to this machine.



    This is in the manual. Just press and hold the ‘Display’ button for a few sec’s and the display will turn black.

    See: (Red light is on saying that the repeater is operational but LCD is ‘black’)



    Yes I realize this but what would prevent anyone else from pressing the Display button and turning the display back on. I see there are a few settings for turn on times. That would work I suppose but is there any way to modify the times? One minute seems short but 5, 10 and especially 30 minutes seem way too long. I don’t know if any of these can be changed. Let me know and thanks for answering.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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