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    I’d like to see some demos/presentation of what useful features Fusion, Wires-X, and the radios can perform.

    Digital Voice
    Text messaging?
    Software (client/server)?
    Web site hosting?
    internet (lower case “i”)?
    Tethering radio to PC, tablet, phone (Windows, Mac OS, Linus, Android, etc)?



    yes, but as a BBS
    no, but easy implenemtable
    no, thank goodness!

    Any particular interest?



    I would like a lot more detail on this answer. Specifically, the answer of “yes, but as a BBS” to the question of Text Messaging and the answer of “no, but easy implementable” to the question of email.

    In short, I want to know how to connect a computer to a Fusion radio and move data to another computer also connected to a Fusion radio. Files, email, text messages, keyboard-to-keyboard QSO’s, etc.

    Details, please.





    Hi Farren,

    first of all, I’m not affiliated with Yaesu in any way, neither a support person or anyone who is been paid for communication 😉 I’m just a humble sysop of a Wires-X node.

    Now as for your question, all my previous comments were targeted for a “radio developer” type of person, not for “radio user”. From the user’s perspective all you can get from the system is sufficiently described in manuals and leaflets, ther’s enough info on any of the user’s question.

    As for the system’s possibilities described, they’re only there for inventive people (not intending to offend you or anyone here in any way!). Just to mention the existing gateway software module for DMR<->Wires-X<->D-Star, which is in fact brilliant and flawless.
    Also heard about the possibility of posting tweets from the node’s newsline, emails from messages etc. Those are just some of the many private projects and by mere existence they demonstrate the possibilities of Wires-X.

    Regards, Alex.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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