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    Every so often we are having to exit the Wires X software and start it up again to get rid of “bad” Audio. One of our HRI’s was worse than the other’s so I am sending it in for them to take a look at. Who else is having these issues? As I think if we are going to have a solid linking system this needs to get fixed or addressed. I know other people say that is VOIP and it happens. Before wires X we uses Asterisk/Allstarlink and had no audio issues like this and the same with Echolink. Could the people that have had audio issues forcing them to reboot the software of WIres X chime in so we can get this issue to the front of the line. ?





    I have experienced this once while in a room, it happened last week and the node principle had time to experiment.

    To troubleshoot the principle of the other node which was also a repeater left the room and moved to a peer to peer connection with my node. The echo persisted and rather than take the best approach of staggering our reboots, we both rebooted our node and the echo went away.

    Would be very helpful to have stats available at the peer level to understand network performance, packet loss, duplicates, etc.




    Please describe your audio issues. I might be of some help…

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